About Us

Non-fungible tokens are taking the art world by storm. The value of quite a number of tokens has skyrocketed on the market, with owners assuming that each piece will become more valuable as time goes on.

With the spike in the number of NFT trades, the markets are being flooded with thousands of ubiquitous NFT tokens created by different artists all over the world. 

To make the right decisions in the NFT community, information is paramount. Not just any information, but accurate and timely information is paramount. This is where we come in.

Who We Are

We are a team of writers, researchers, and market analysts passionate about NFTs, their underlying blockchain technology, and the industry that is being built around them. Our team strives to provide accurate analysis, reports, news tips, timely stories, and current trends and corrections about the NFT community. We present this data in simple-to-understand formats without compromising the quality of the information therein.

We are adept at breaking down the complex business of selling and buying NFTs. The future of collecting art is a hot topic, and we are keen on being at the forefront of this venture, providing first-hand information to everyone interested.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide timely and accurate information about the budding world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to everyone. NFTs are a unique group of assets with varying values that can be exchanged on different blockchains, especially the Ethereum blockchain. 

We aim to provide in-depth reports to educate and guide new and old NFT collectors when making an exchange on marketplaces like Rarible and Opensea.

That being said, NFTs are unlike cryptocurrencies. They are non-interchangeable tokens with built-in roles and functions unique to each one. They can be informed of artworks, images, collectible cards, video game assets, and other virtual renditions of distinct objects. We are here to point you to the blockchains where the best NFTs are stored and managed. 

Who We Serve

We provide information for all members of the NFT community, as well as intending members. It doesn’t matter whether our readers are new to the community or are NFT blockchain-oriented, we aim to enlighten everyone of them with quality news updates to ensure they stay connected with the most critical happenings in the industry.

We are always keen to provide timely and relevant materials containing comprehensive market data, featuring both the latest and most popular trends in the NFT industry. Information about the artists, traders, blockchain, companies, and innovations is always updated as soon as possible.

Our Goal

Our goal is to introduce many to the reigning glory of NFTs and the rich cultures that surround the concept. We put up all-inclusive and up-to-date conversations and materials about virtual arts, non-fungible tokens, and many other digital tokens. We are determined to educate and link our members with useful trends in NFT arts, crypto games, tokens, NFT blockchain technology, and many other related entities.

Bridging Crypto and Culture

We are a platform that aims to provide members with information to set the right foundation for their new creative economy. We provide directions on ways to efficiently use the Ethereum blockchain and erect stronger connections with NFT artists and buyers.

Our community provides a clear path for new creators, artists, and collectors to evolve and understand the value of the rapidly-growing NFT industry. We are a site dedicated to spreading the word about the benefits of NFTs and their associated technologies. 

Most importantly, we help navigate users around the world by providing information about players in the entire NFT industry, some of which are games, crypto art, and industry news. 


The reports, data, and other information on this platform have been carefully gathered from current trends, social media platforms, and other interactive sites. 

Every piece of information has been presented in the most entertaining, informative, and educational way for the average user to easily digest.