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Description: This platform is one of the most famous ones out there since it offers unique pieces of art that you can’t find anywhere else. Although artists might have a challenging time getting in, it offers many benefits to them as well!

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SuperRare – Does it Provide the NFTs You Need?

SuperRare is one of the best NFT marketplaces, according to users who love visual art and need a platform they can trust. It’s rigid when it comes to its artists, but it also provides them with fantastic opportunities. Buyers have hundreds of options to choose from, so that’s incredible as well, especially if you’re interested in the NFT world.


  • Its art pieces are very rare
  • User-friendly interface
  • Buyers get competitive rates
  • It only focuses on art, which makes it unique


  • You can’t make transactions unless you use Ethereum
  • The premium feature that sellers pay is high

SuperRare is one of the most famous NFT marketplaces, and it has completely changed the narrative when it comes to giving you fantastic works of art to choose from. This site aims to be the high-end dealer of art of the blockchain world, and it has quickly become one of the most important websites for anyone interested in non-fungible tokens.

NFTs have shifted people’s perspectives, particularly because they allow you to own a specific work – it can be art, music, etc. However, new trends help artists make more revenue by letting them sell different versions of the same NFT with very little variances.

Sites like SuperRare push back that trend because it focuses on giving every customer unique works of art only. Therefore, its algorithm only permits crypto art, and it also scans the works to discern fantastic pieces from average ones.

What Is SuperRare?

If you’re an investor looking to put some of your assets in alternative investment alternatives, you probably know about NFTs. When that’s the case, coming across the name ‘SuperRare’ is quite usual, particularly since it’s one of the most well-known marketplaces to buy tokens.

Unlike other sites, SuperRare only offers art to its users, and it focuses on providing you with the best pieces due to the way its algorithm works. Therefore, it completely stands out from the competition, and it honors its name by giving a myriad of rare art works to any potential investor.

SuperRare Features

The most crucial feature of SuperRare is that it’s a marketplace to buy art NFTs. If you’re interested in music, games, domains, or any other NFT category, you won’t find them there.

Instead, SuperRare is the site to go to if you want to buy unique art pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. Artists need to go through a specific process for them to be able to offer you their work, and the website’s requisites to accept NFTs are more specific and challenging than what other sites usually ask for.

When an artist wants to sell their work on SuperRare, they must prove that it’s completely original, and most importantly, that it’s not tokenized anywhere else. If they’re able to do this, then after some time, they are allowed to offer that to the public.

SuperRare has grown so much over the years that it now has two different sites depending on what you’re looking for. One of its sites offers brand-new pieces of art, whereas the other is the place you might want to scroll through when you want to buy resold art works.

NFT Type

Although other NFT marketplaces let you buy all types of tokens, SuperRare only focuses on art. It doesn’t sell domains, games, or even music.

Overall, SuperRare is the ideal site for art lovers who want to get into the world of NFTs, or for investors who are looking for unique tokens to buy.

Standard Token Used in the Platform

SuperRare has adopted the standard ERC-721 NFT standard token, which allows investors to trade the NFTs with no issues.

Network/Token Used

This platform only uses Ethereum (ETH), so you need to have it if you want to purchase an artwork. Investors usually have to go through a specific process and get what it’s known as a self-custody wallet when they’re interested in buying SuperRare NFTs.

Does it Have Gas Fees?

Although SuperRare does not charge minting fees, you do need to pay for gas and transactional fees. When you’re an artist, you must pay 15% in fees, and if you want to transfer ETH out of the platform, for example, you might have to pay around eight dollars.

Can You Buy NFTs with a Credit or Debit Card?

Unfortunately, no. You can only buy NFTs on SuperRare if you use Ethereum (ETH), which is one of the many reasons why some people stop being interested in the platform. You must either buy this crypto or trade it in order to get the assets you need to purchase the tokens.

How SuperRare Works

This platform works similarly to other NFT marketplaces. You can scroll through it, find the token you want, and acquire it using ETH.

If you want to upload your art to SuperRare, things are more complicated. As was previously mentioned, the site is specific with the artists it chooses, so you must make sure that what you offer is unique.

Our SuperRare Analysis

To determine if SuperRare is the correct NFT marketplace for you, analyzing its features is the best strategy. Take a look at some of the characteristics you need to keep in mind:

The Signup Process

NFTs are stored in digital wallets, so if you want to get started with SuperRare, the first thing you need to do is linking your own third-party wallet. The platform currently supports Wallet Connect, MetaMask, and Fortmatic.

Create Your Account

You can start setting up your account once you link your wallet. It’s an immensely straightforward process, not very different from what you usually do when you register in any other site – you must create a safe username and a password, and you’re ready to go to the next step.

Check Your Email

Verifying your account is essential. If you don’t complete this step, you’re unable to browse through all the options that SuperRare offers you. Check your email and look for the verification link. You can go to your account dashboard after that since you’re almost ready to start collecting!

Learn about the Platform

Once our account is ready to go, you can start exploring the platform and learning more about the alternatives you have available.

Start Browsing NFTs

If you’re already familiar with all your options and your account is ready, then you’re all set to start collecting NFTs!

Ease of Use

SuperRare is one of the most intuitive NFT marketplaces you can rely upon to get unique tokens. It’s immensely straightforward, and its algorithm always shows you the best options it can find, although you can freely navigate through the page and look for more alternatives.


This platform is one of the most famous ones out there, so it has a fantastic reputation among its users. You can quickly find what you’re looking for, it’s immensely safe, and it offers various alternatives, so it’s probably one of the best marketplaces to go to.

Platform Safety

There are numerous marketplaces out there, but SuperRare is definitely one of the safest ones since it’s completely transparent and offers strict security measures to keep both artists and buyers safe.

Artists must always provide original content, which is why SuperRare’s screening process can be so challenging to go through. At the same time, buyers can’t use any wallet they have – they must only use the ones the site is compatible with.


Although there are numerous NFT marketplaces, not all of them are transparent, which might be a huge inconvenient if you want to trust the platform you’re using.

However, SuperRare’s information and the brand background is available for you on the site, and that allows you to put your confidence on the site way more easily. Transactions are always protected by the blockchain, and both buyers and sellers can feel safe.

NFT Minting

If SuperRare accepts your work, the process is very straightforward. You only need to upload the digital file, add essential information (such as a short description of your work), and then mint it.

Fortunately, the site makes the minting process easy as well. SuperRare guides you through what you must do, and that’s immensely convenient for artists since you don’t need to read complicated guides or complete challenging tasks.

The Mobile App

SuperRare sounds like the ideal marketplace for numerous traders and NFT lovers, but unfortunately, it does not have a mobile app.

Even so, the website is mobile friendly and it’s immensely intuitive, so you can browse through it and find what you’re looking for without much hassle.

SuperRare NFT Storage

Buyers go through a fairly straightforward process when they purchase NFTs and store them through SuperRare. Unlike sellers, you don’t need to go through any screening, and you can simply rely on the platform to get the tokens you want.

Overall, SuperRare is not a storage place for NFTs. Instead, it’s a marketplace where you can bid, reserve, or buy tokens.

Therefore, it’s not the site you want to go to if you’re looking for somewhere to store your tokens. Alternatively, it’s an ideal marketplace if you love art and would like to collect unique pieces that no one else has.

SuperRare has grown in fame because of its unique offers. Even though many marketplaces offer art pieces, few of them have such a rigid screening process. Consequently, you might buy an NFT, only to find out that there are replicas out there.

This platform guarantees that you never have to worry about that. Instead, you get to enjoy what you love the most: art and investments. The name of the site honors what you get when you use it – super rare works of art.


With SuperRare, fees are straightforward as well. Sellers need to pay for 15% in fees for each sale when they use the platform.

On many occasions, sellers believe that a 15% fee is too high compared to other marketplaces. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that SuperRare is trying to replicate real-word art galleries in both work quality and standards, and that’s the reason why its fees are slightly higher than other similar sites.

At the same time, SuperRare makes sure that the author always gets a commission for their art, even if it changes hands. Therefore, the site pays 10% for secondary sales, which is known as a perpetuity fee in the platform.

SuperRare now also has collector commissions, which vary depending on the hands the work of art goes through. Overall, the platform offers numerous options for both buyers and sellers, so even though it’s rigid when it comes to its screening process, its quality is high.

Our Verdict of SuperRare

NFTs have changed the world of cryptocurrencies, and they have shifted people’s perspectives, almost as much as cryptos themselves have revolutionized economy and finance. Due to this reason, there are numerous marketplaces where you can buy tokens. However, not all of them provide you with unique pieces.

SuperRare is one of the most famous sites out there because it guarantees that you always get unique art when you’re buying an NFT. Its rigid screening process for artists makes sure that only the best is available for buyers, which filters out possible replicas of art works.

With this platform, buyers get a myriad of options to go through because you only get unique alternatives. Therefore, it’s the ideal site if you love art and want to buy one-of-a-kind tokens.

Although it doesn’t sell music, domains, games, or any other NFT category, the art in SuperRare is so unique that it makes it stand out from the competition. Generally speaking, the platform wants to gain a name as one of the first digital art galleries, and that’s also why its commissions are so high.

To conclude, SuperRare is an immensely safe NFT marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to enjoy art and NFT investments. It might be the ideal site for you if you love any of these areas, and it’s a great website to trust!