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Description: is a specialized cryptocurrency platform where you can buy, sell, and trade cryptos. It's user-friendly, safe, and legit, so it's one of the best options out there, especially for beginners.

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    (5) - an Ideal Site for All Traders

There are many trading sites, but is one of the best options out there if you’re looking for an intuitive, user-friendly platform with numerous alternatives to choose from.

This site has been around since 2016 and it’s constantly growing and offering new features to its users, so it has a lot of characteristics you can take advantage of.


  • You get numerous cryptocurrencies to choose from
  • There’s support for various crypto products, including NFTs
  • Fees are low


  • Fees might be higher if you don’t use CRO
  • Understanding fees might be challenging for beginners

Finding the ideal platform to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies is often a challenging job because there is a myriad of options to choose from. Unfortunately, a lot of them are scam sites, so thoroughly evaluating each alternative is essential if you want to make the right choice.

Cryptocurrencies have changed the world of economy and finance, and ever since experts started creating specialized platforms, everything changed. Nowadays, there are sites such as, which can offer fantastic help and outstanding features.

What Is App

The first thing you must understand about is its definition. It’s a platform for you to exchange cryptocurrencies, and unlike other similar ones, the number of alternatives you get with this one is impressive.

With, you can buy, sell, and trade many cryptocurrencies. At the same time, you can try other alternatives with the brand, such as getting a cryptocurrency credit card, browsing through the NFT market, or testing a standalone cryptocurrency wallet. is the ideal choice for everyone who wants to buy specific cryptos, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Since fees decrease depending on the volume of the cryptocurrency you hold, it’s an immensely convenient option if you’re planning to buy a lot of it.

Our Analysis

If you want to determine if a platform is the correct one for you, you must read different reviews that provide you with a detailed recount of what this app can offer you. In the case of, we can do much more than that – we can tell you our experience with it.

Using a specific email address, one of our employees registered for an account with to test the platform. After trying out all its features, they quickly noticed that it’s a legit trading site that you can use to buy, sell, and trade various cryptos.

Although there are numerous trading platform options out there, our analysis provided us with enough information to know that is an ideal alternative. However, you need more information to know that this is the truth, so take a closer look at all the site’s features.

The Signup Process

Getting started with the platform itself is immensely easy, and that’s convenient because it means that both beginners and advanced traders can quickly start using it to achieve their goals.

Regardless of how much time you’ve spent trading, you can hit the ‘sign up’ button on the website, land on the page to create your account, or log into your existing one and follow the subsequent steps to begin your investment journey. It’s a straightforward process that lacks any complicated steps.

Create Your Account

Go to the website and click the button that allows you to log into your account. If you don’t have one, you should be able to register and get started.

The first thing you must do is to fill out your information. Keep in mind that this step is essential, so make sure that you’re putting everything in correctly.

Check Your Email

Once you fill out your information, you should head to your inbox. You might get an email soon, which contains a link for you to verify your account.

Click the link and it will redirect you to a specific landing page saying that your account is ready for you to start using it!

Learn about the Platform

As it was mentioned before, providing the correct information about you is essential, and this is the step where you find out why. Once you verify your account, a broker or manager will contact you and you can ask them anything you want to know about

During this step, you can quickly understand more about, its cryptocurrency alternatives, trading options, and much more. If you want to make the most out of this first meeting, write all your questions down and ask them to your broker as soon as they call you.

Start Buying/storing

If you already set up your account, you’re ready to start buying and storing your cryptos. One of the best advantages that offers is that it’s immensely user-friendly and gives you a myriad of cryptocurrency options to choose from, so you can quickly navigate through the platform and buy the most convenient coins for your goals.

How Does Work?

The specifics are crucial when you’re reviewing a trading platform. Thus, take a look at some characteristics you should know about

  1. Verification All users need to verify their accounts before buying, trading, or selling crypto with Although this sounds like a tedious process at first, it guarantees an extra layer of security to all your transactions. Verifying your account and identity is necessary from the moment you first start signing up to use You must click the link on the email you get before getting started, and getting the call from the broker is also a way to confirm your identity.
  2. Fees If you are new to using, you have to pay a 0.4% fee on trades with a lower volume than $25,000. This can change as you get more experience using the platform, so although it’s not the lowest fee out there, it’s a convenient number to get started, especially considering the rest of this site’s features.
  3. Payouts There are many features you could examine about, but the one that makes it stand out from its competitors is its view on cryptos. Overall, the people behind this brand envision a world where cryptocurrencies are a standard form of currency instead of a curiosity, and this translates into the platform’s payout methods.With, you can get a prepaid Visa card that allows you to spend your crypto holdings in many different ways. Lucky users who choose to invest in the platform’s own crypto, CRO, get to earn even more.
  4. Support
    Customer support is available to all users, so that’s also something you shouldn’t worry about. You can go to the help page and try to find the answers you need, send an email asking your question, or even chat live with someone else.
  5. Withdrawals users are able to withdraw their money and obtain a Visa credit card, which allows them to spend their cryptos.

Ease of Use

Compared to other platforms, trading with is immensely straightforward. All the options are readily available for you, and you only need to open the app and get started.

Additionally, offers an intuitive and convenient mobile platform. Therefore, you don’t even need to use your computer to trade with the app.


Although cryptocurrencies have not been around for long, has a fantastic reputation among its users.

People who use often say that it’s intuitive, offers various alternatives to choose from, and it’s one of the best options for beginners.

UPDATE: announced few changes to their VISA Cards program that infuriated the entire community, in the image below you can see the changes, this is a red flag but as you can see in our review we had a very good experience with this platform. so in term of reputation, this platform has issues and we wanted to update our users to know about those issues with Visa Card Changes

Platform Safety

Safety is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind when you’re reviewing a crypto platform, and this is definitely an aspect that the people behind take into account.

This platform uses MFO (also known as multi-factor authentication) to keep your account safe, and it also relies on whitelisting. Nonetheless, other users and people behind the brand always recommend that you choose a strong username and password when you’re getting started since this adds an extra layer of security to your holdings.

Transparency exists since 2016, and it started as Monaco Technologies GmbH. There are numerous trading apps out there, but this one is immensely transparent since you can quickly find all the information about its beginnings and how it has changed over the years.

The company is in constant growth, and it has launched new features in the past few years. Now users can, for example, access the DeFi Swap and DeFi Wallet options, which started to become available for all European customers first.

Is it Possible to Withdraw Earnings?

All users can withdraw earnings when they trade with, and they’re able to get a Visa credit card for them to spend their crypto. Therefore, you get numerous options to withdraw your funds, which is not something you might obtain when you trade with other platforms.

NFT Storage

Storing cryptos and NFTs is immensely easy with since that is one of the main features of the platform. This site is not only ideal for you to buy and sell your assets, but also to store them for as long as you want.

Due to the fact that offers so many varied security measures, storing NFTs and cryptos is immensely straightforward, and they’re always safe. Thus, it’s a very convenient option to keep in mind if you’re planning to invest large sums of money.

Compatibility with the NFT Marketplaces

NFTs are a relatively new addition to all the features that offers you. However, the platform is compatible with some of the biggest marketplaces out there, such as Opensea.

Cross-chain Compatibility is also compatible with ERC-721 standard-based tokens, which is something that shares with other trading platforms.

Our Verdict of

To sum up, is one of the best platforms that you can use to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and immensely easy to use. At the same time, it relies on sturdy security measures to keep your assets safe, and it offers a variety of features that might be convenient for you to achieve your goals.