Despite the massive beating they have been taking on the online market, NFTs are refusing to die a quiet death. Just when it seems that the world is ready to accept that maybe it was too soon for such bold technology, NFT developers launch new and exciting projects.

The question on every investor’s lips is what to do with all these new NFT offerings being launched. Caution would mean steering clear of all new projects until the industry is a bit more stable.

However, if ever there was a good time to enter the market, then surely it would be right now with the prices sitting at their lowest points since early 2021.

It seems a significant portion of the industry is in favor of the latter option if the new NFTs being launched by Rémy Martin, The Notorious B.I.G. estate, and Kryptoria are anything to go by.

Rémy Martin Gets in on the Act

A lot of alcohol brands have been adding NFTs to their portfolio, and Rémy Martin has joined the club. This Friday, July 29, Rémy Martin will partner up with the world-famous RnB Singer. Usher Raymond, to launch their NFT, titled Usher x Rémy Martin 1738: A taste of Passion.

This is a very special occasion for the spirits brand, because not only is this Rémy Martin’s first NFT launch, but it also used artificial intelligence software to make the unique bottles.

The AI technology that made the bottles was based on Usher’s description of the taste of Rémy Martin’s 1738 Accord Royal. To date, 50 bottles have been produced, and of these, 25 have been chosen as NFTs that will go for an initial selling price of $500 each.

Amaury Vinclet, Global Executive of Rémy Martin, said how proud they were to partner with Usher Raymond. He also said that the bottle gave fans of both the RnB singer and Rémy Martin a chance to get their hands on very rare collectibles.

One of the key features of this NFT is the immersive feeling it promotes by giving fans a chance for a tour of part of Usher’s residence when he will be performing in Las Vegas in October. Blockbar will host the NFT drop live, on July 29 at 10 am EST.

Not Too Late for Biggie

An absolute icon in the Hip Hop scene, The Notorious B.I.G., AKA Biggie, is one of those legendary artists who were one too soon. However, thanks to a new NFT launch, fans have a new way to appreciate their star.

The 3000-piece NFT collection is based on a variety of the artist’s trademark looks and will be released first to some of the rapper’s most adoring fans, before being made available to the rest of the general public.

Wayne Barrow, a long-time friend of The Notorious B.I.G., came out in full support of the NFT launch, saying that it was a chance to give fans a piece of their favorite rapper’s legacy. The NFT drop has been titled, “The Sky is The Limit,” which references B.I.G.’s 1997 posthumous song.

After the death of The Notorious B.I.G., the release of his album “Life after Death” sold 10 million copies, but this NFT launch may surpass that. Considering that Whitney Houston’s demo was bought by a single buyer for 1 million dollars, there is lots of speculation that this latest NFT drop of Biggie collectibles may sell for a lot more than that.

Kryptoria Paves the Way Forward

One area where NFTs have always been strong is in the video game industry. Kryptoria is one of the latest offerings of next-generation video gaming. Plans have been put in place to mint in August on Ethereum and already the market is buzzing.

This unique take on online gaming will allow holders of the Kryptoria token to build empires, battle their enemies, and trade resources with other players using the one-of-a- kind NFT. The quality of the Kryptoria tokens is something that is still very rare on NFT platforms.

Final Thought

While many people predicted that NFTs would not be able to survive the latest crisis that is facing all digital assets platforms, it seems they may have spoken too soon. NFT developers have continued to develop great products which are slowly being introduced to the public every day.

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