The NFTs are dominating the world of art at an incredible rate, providing artists new means of monetizing their art and getting discovered. Riding this new wave are two tech executives Peter Hamilton and  Jennifer Wong, who are presently establishing the Seattle NFT Museum (SNFTM). 

The SNFTM will be a physical space devoted to honoring NFTs and the artists responsible for such art. The SNFTM will begin its operation on the 14th of January, 2022 in Seattle’s trendy Belltown neighborhood. 

The museum will feature influential artists, new mintings, and coveted collections and also display NFT digital art on huge, high-resolution screens. The Museum is designed to catch the fantasies of first-time viewers, enthusiasts, collectors, and the next generation of digital artists. The SNFTM also looks to collaborate with the broader blockchain community as a platform for creators, artists, collectors, and IP owners to sell and collect various NFTs.

First of its kind in Seattle 

The Seattle NFT Museum will be the first of its kind in Seattle and joins the list of a few self-titled physical NFT galleries across the globe. Top of the list is the physical NFT gallery launched by Superchief in New York in March 2021. 

Other physical NFT galleries have also been established in the US, Europe, and Australia. According to Wong, these physical NFT galleries will help root the NFT experience, opening our imaginations and fantasies for what is to come. 

Therefore, as entrepreneurs, the creators of the Seattle NFT Museum saw the chance to bring the NFT community and digital art together while offering education and exposure. 

Serving the NFT community

According to Jennifer, NFT creators and artists have thrilling imaginations and that’s why she and Peter have created the Seattle NFT Museum. The SNFTM will help better serve the NFT community while putting Seattle on the map as a center for Blockchain and NFT innovation. 

Jennifer further claims that they are not experts in the field and are in the space to learn just like anyone else. Therefore, they are counting on the support and feedback of digital designers, NFT enthusiasts, and creators to help grow the vision. 

To solve the issue of displaying digital art in a physical space, the creators have formed a partnership with Samsung. Samsung being one of the top producers of electronic devices has supported the museum with several flexible frames and screens.

Elevated experience

The Seattle NFT Museum will put in place more than thirty, high fidelity digital screens from 85” to 32”, both in landscape and portrait orientations. Each of the installations is also connected to the artist’s story and metadata. These screens will be able to adapt to the dimensions and size of every exhibited work. The frames are also designed to display the digital artwork whilst offline as opposed to the normal horizontal screens that are normally used.

The Museum will also include virtual elements with Jennifer and Peter sending QR codes to visitors. These QR codes will allow visitors to access different kinds of interactive portals online. 

Jennifer believes that the quality of these screens and frames set the foundation of the immersive museum. Jennifer asserted that both she and Peter are committed to the maintenance and performance of every screen to guarantee each guest an incredible experience. 

However, a ticket for the opening weekend isn’t cheap. The price of the ticket is pegged at $125 for the museum reveal. The reveal will feature a collection of Seattle artists like Charles Peterson, Neon Saltwater, and Robbie Trevino, guest artist Blake Kathryn, and an artist showcase featuring H+ Creative Collections, and Cryptopunk artists like Tyler Hobbs and Snowfro. 

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