Many investors now look into NFTs as they continue to dominate both the crypto market and the digital landscape. In fact, world-leading brands are now starting to take notice and sit up to the opportunities NFTs offer. 

Presently, the tech giant, Samsung, is joining the NFT bandwagon by installing NFT technology into its latest TVs. In preparation for the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, Samsung has announced that its latest  Neo QLED, Lifestyle TVs, and MICRO LED will all have NFT management functions. 

This newly integrated NFT application will make use of an integrated, intuitive platform for purchasing, trading, and discovering digital artwork. The new user interface will feature a home screen that shows several trending digital artwork from the available top marketplaces. That’s not all, the UI will also provide the option to look deeper and search for the best collectibles and assets. Individuals who already have NFTs will also have the opportunity to use the platform to display their collections. 

Samsung has declared that a ‘Smart Calibration’ tech has been installed in the TVs. Samsung claims this will help to automatically modify the TVs’ settings to meet the specifications of original creators. This is all in the bid to ensure images are displayed on the screens as faithfully as possible. 

The Executive Vice President at Samsung, Simon Sung asserted that the function of the screen has drastically been modified over the years. This is courtesy of how entertainment is disseminated and evolution in technology. Simon claims that Samsung is offering customers a new and completely immersive audio and video experience carefully modified to their needs. 

NFTs in gaming, movies, and even concerts 

Samsung has also taken a step further offering gamers access to a wide range of games via its partnership with Utomik, NVIDA GeForce Now, and Stadia. 

Giants like Square Enix and EA have also made huge investments in blockchain technology. Very soon, gamers will be able to buy and own virtual goods on various mainstream games given they have their crypto wallets ready. 

Meanwhile, Australians continue to make huge progress in the NFT space. NFT STARS, the Australian NFT marketplace is getting ready to launch a remarkable product known as  NFT Radio. This will be the first of its kind — a radio station streaming 24/7 and selling audio-related content as non-fungible tokens.

In the movie industry, Scorsese producer Niels Juul has asserted that he is determined to produce the first Hollywood movie to be fully funded by NFTs. He’s aiming to raise a maximum of $10m to ‘democratize’ the conventional system of funding. 

Furthermore, the latest Anthony Hopkins thriller titled “Zero Contact” was released on the Vuele CurrencyWorks’ NFT platform for feature movies. 

As regards the music industry, Dutch DJ Don Diablo successfully auctioned off the first full-length concert NFT for $1.2m. The concert was created by Diablo to offer a sci-fi film concert experience to viewers and listeners. 

With so much going on in the music industry, predictions are a new generation of entrepreneurs and founders will find a way NFTs can change and disrupt the live events industry. Through this disruption, huge opportunities will be presented to artists. 

Vicenc Marti, the president of the music event company, asserted that there will be plenty of future unicorns in the live events market. This will integrate NFTs in spaces like event promotions, ticketing solutions, talent management, and unique perks. 

Martin added saying the NFT revolution makes an exciting time for both the present and future one could have never imagined for creators especially as regards live events. 

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