This week, a limited NFT collection of rare and unseen holiday moments from fashion icon Iris Apfel’s life will be auctioned off. These sales will be donated to an incredible organization known as the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Iris Apfel, the world’s oldest living teenager, a legend in the fashion world, and a highly respected businesswoman and interior decorator, has collaborated with e-commerce pioneer Shutterfly to immortalize moments in her prosperous life. The union is set to launch an NFT holiday cryptocard collection. This collection will be composed of three-piece NFTs inspired by never-before-seen holiday moments from the icon’s life.

Season’s Greetings with Stunning Pictures of Iris Apfel

This limited collection is the first-ever from the Shutterfly-Apfel Partnership.

The newly designed holiday cryptocards from Iris and Shutterfly reveal original moments from the icon’s beautiful and fashion-filled life. With a career in fashion that spans over seven decades, each collection is sure to unveil a colorful holiday period from the legend’s life. The highlights of the NFTs are their vibrant colors and textures. Iris’s iconic eyewear was also featured in the designs. Huge fans of the elite icon know that eyewear is a must-have for the legend herself.

More information on the NFT collection

The concept behind this NFT holiday collection is to pay homage to the larger-than-life fashion icon. 

Iris has always shown a stylish and creative personality, and each item in the collection will indeed embody her various artistic expressions over the years.

Each token is wrapped in a distinct holiday card design that matches Shutterfly’s 2021 holiday collection designs. 

The limited collection will be auctioned off at rare circles between November 30th and December 6th. All proceeds from this sale will be directed to a non-profit organization, Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Shutterfly and Iris Apfel

It is not surprising that Iris chose the acclaimed Shutterfly brand to showcase unseen Christmas moments in her life through NFTs.

In the press release, Iris Apfel expressed her excitement at the release of the NFTs; she also shared her joy of partnering with the butterfly platform. She added that she’s happy to spread the Christmas spirit through the tokens. For the legendary woman, very few things are more rewarding than having the opportunity to share treasured moments from a life lived well.  

Shutterfly is one of the top e-commerce platforms in the U.S. They are passionate about providing self-expressive, creative, and unique products and services to suit the needs of every one of their customers.

The brand’s president, Jim Hilt, also shared his enthusiasm for the ongoing project. According to Hilt, the NFT drop is so exciting. It shows Shutterfly’s commitment to personalized creativity and self-expression. He also added that it is rewarding to both parties that the Boy & Girls Club of America receives the proceeds from the auction. Shutterfly cares about working hard to ensure people (clients) have all the tools needed to make meaningful and long-lasting items.

The Boys & Girls Club of America

The non-profit organization is youth-oriented. They are dedicated to empowering kids and teenagers with the skills they need to reach the peak of their potential. 

The organization was founded over 160 years ago. It has successfully provided children with an enabling environment to learn and grow. Adult mentors volunteer to be on the team, and the children have a variety of high-impact development programs to choose from. The association’s operations are deeply rooted in academia, leadership, friendship, and, most importantly, healthy living.

To start with, Shutterfly will make a $25,000 donation to the organization. This will go a long way towards supporting the COVID-19 pandemic efforts. 

Bottom Line

Iris Apfel is the ultimate symbol of self-expression. Thanks to partnering with Shutterfly to immortalize the memorable moments in her life, children across the country can be empowered with the proceeds from the auction.

Chad Royal-Pascoe, Acting Senior Vice President of Boys and Girls Clubs of America, promised that the funds donated to the organization would serve the families and children impacted by the pandemic.

To contribute to this good cause, purchase an item from the limited NFT holiday CryptoCard using crypto or fiat.

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